Tamara Jones

Lighthearted but challenging. Tamara has been dancing since the age of 3, she has always had a love of health and fitness and has been involved with Pilates from a young age. She completed her training at Elixr, School of Pilates in Australia, and has been teaching reformer classes ever since whilst training as a dancer in New York City. Her classes are fast paced and high energy with a strong focus on abdominals.




Ryan Robson

Ryan has been teaching Pilates for sixteen years. He has obtained full certification from the following leading and internationally recognized certifying organizations- Stott Pilates, Power Pilates, PhysicalMind Institute, and the Pilates Method Alliance.

Ryan is also a graduate of the Pink Ribbon Program allowing him to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist. He has certifications also in Spinning (Schwinn) and TRX ("Rate Your Burn" placed him in the top 10 best TRX instructors NYC 2012).

His joy in teaching comes from seeing his clients discover their movement potential. It's a priviledge and honor when clients trust him with their time, money, and physical beings. Humbled to teach this ingenious method that transforms both lives and bodies, his no-frills - yet concise- teaching style is what unleashes your inner Balanchine.



Ardella Bang

Ardella has been practicing Pilates and Yoga for the past 7 years, in addition to her formal dance education. She received her classical Pilates Certification under Simona Cipriani through the lineage of Romana Kryzanowska while pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts in SUNY Purchase College of the Arts. Upon moving into the city, Ardella grew more and more fascinated about the body and the diverse body types that exist today. She grew to notice that the habits of the modern day individual have changed overtime and the foundation of any form of conditioning begins with habit. In addition to being a certified comprehensive Pilates instructor, Ardella has also been certified as a NASM certified personal trainer (CPT), a Power Plate trainer (CPPT) and in the TRX suspension training method, with the hope of reaching out to the diverse range of individuals today. Ardella is committed to impart the joy and freedom of movement to people from all walks of life.



Catherine Ekeleme

Catherine is a professional wellness and movement educator, former dancer and former multi-sport athlete. She graduated with a Masters in Public Health from New York University in 2013 and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Her intention has always been to create a safe space for people to share and improve their human experience, and teaching movement has been a rewarding way to serve that intention.

Her love of movement began at age 4 in North Carolina, where she's originally from. She holds certifications in Yoga, Pilates, Energy Therapy, Bodywork and Mindfulness Meditation, and she blends several elements of her expertise into classes that encourage students to explore what it means to <i>be</i> in their bodies. Her passion for teaching comes from her passion for practice, and she continues to find inspiration by working with all bodies, of all kinds.



Blair Pausley

 After years of being a Pilates client and benefiting as a professional dancer Blair decided to pursue his certification from Romana’s Pilates. His dance training began in upstate New York and continued in NYC. As a professional dancer, he performed in companies such as Chicago City Ballet, Ruth Page Chicago Ballet and Garden State Ballet.

He has been teaching Pilates in the tri-state area for over seven years. His knowledge as a dancer has given him the ability to focus on correct body placement of his clients. His belief is that anyone can benefit greatly from Pilates and his goal is for all clients to have an energetic, productive session.



Alaina Mallory

Alaina is a native New Yorker and has always had a fascination with human anatomy and physiology. She is certified in comprehensive Pilates by Body Arts and Science International. Alaina was drawn to Pilates out of pure curiosity of the method and needless to say she fell in love immediately. The gains of increased body awareness, flexibility, confidence and the reduction of low back pain has been a motivator to make Pilates a way of life and wanting to share that way of life with others.

Her philosophy, enjoy the journey because few teasers are graceful the first time! In a session with her you may tune into muscles that are being ignored… and love it.



Katie Montoya

Katie Montoya was introduced to Pilates through mat classes as a teen during her early dance training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It wasn't until she moved to New York City while pursuing dance that she first tried the Pilates studio equipment while recovering from an injury. Montoya then studied and became a certified instructor at Rolates Pilates under Roberta Kirschenbaum. She also studied kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd of Julliard's dance faculty. Specializing in classical Pilates with a contemporary approach, Montoya focuses on injury prevention and recovery through proper body mechanics, efficiency of movement, and encouraging body awareness. Montoya attended the University of California, Irvine where she received B.A.'s in dance and drama in 2011. She is currently in her fourth season with both Sarah Berges Dance and Treehouse Shakers, an NYC based theater company for young audiences.



Micayla Wynn

Micayla Wynn is a PMA®-CPT through Polestar Pilates specializing in Pilates for rehabilitation. Micayla was originally drawn to research and study Pilates following a severe injury, where she first encountered the practice of Pilates for rehabilitation. After completing her 450-hour teacher training through Polestar Pilates, Micayla has most recently gone through continuing education involving anatomy of musculoskeletal injuries and pre/post natal training. 

Micayla appreciates the connection of a personalized Pilates and movement experience. She seeks to understand individualized growth and progress through focusing on the integration of movement into daily lifestyle. Her strong usage of imagery, breath and prop utilization awakens the body’s potential through the channel of Pilates. Micayla currently teaches private clients, group classes, and teacher training programs.



Christine Perone

 Christine Perone is a dancer from Los Angeles. She received her Pilates certification in 2005 from Center Studio Physical Therapy Pilates in Burbank, CA. Christine’s introduction to Pilates started in 2000 when she injured her back while performing a dance stunt. After surgery she rehabilitated her back and dance career with Pilates. The respect and gratitude she gained from the Pilates Method led her to go from believer to teacher. Her specific combination of understanding the human body from an athletic dancer’s perspective, plus her own personal experience with injury and recovery are what make her the unique teacher she is today.



Brienne Fabrizio

Brienne received her Pilates certification through BASI training program and Bent Pilates studio, tutorage under master teacher Kim Kuznitz in New York City. She also holds a certification in Pre and Post Natal Pilates. Brienne turned to Pilates as a teenager as a way to gain strength and stability. She immediately appreciated the depth of the work and its ability to identify and strengthen the weaknesses in her own body. Brienne has also been a massage therapist since 2002, specializing in orthopedic massage and myofascial release therapy. As a Pilates instructor and a massage therapist, she has the rare ability to recognize body imbalances and help cilents recovering from injury or needing assistance as their bodies change with age. Her passion for Pilates extends to her education, participating in workshops and seminars on a regular basis. Brienne strongly believes that expanding her knowledge and continually honing her skills allows her to help her cilents be at their best.



Susan Lobo

Susan first came across Pilates while working as a front desk staff in a Pilates studio. Observing how each client gained more balance and control influenced her to study the method on her own. With a hobby of lifting weights she noticed that her breath, technique, and posture definitely improved while working out. Susan finished up her 600 hours through the Core Pilates Comprehensive Program, and now uses the method on her own clientele and different studios throughout the city. 



Or Reitman

Or Reitman, originally from Israel, moved to New York in 2010 to pursue a career in dance. After graduating from “The Maslool” Professional Dancers Training Program in Israel, followed by study at the Ailey school, Or performed as a guest artist with Anabella Lanzu Dance Drama, Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, and Armitage Gone Dance. Additionally, Or was a company member at the Steps on Broadway Repertory Ensemble, Stringdance+media, and is entering his fifth season with Mari Meade Dance Collective. Or has also completed 600 hours training in Pilates mat and apparatus from The Lab, as well as 100 hours of Personal Training, and is Reiki level I and II certified. Or believes that being attuned to the connection of the mind and body can lead to great healing and longevity. Or gives each client the space to connect to his or her own inhibitions and stagnations, allowing the practitioner to identify how the body reacts to natural movement. Enhancing that connection while using the breath will eventually lead to a consistent, sustained, and agile practice.



Aryanna Aronson

I discovered Pilates in high school while dealing with pain in my low back from dancing. As a dancer I found Pilates tremendously helps and complements my dance training. Pilates also allows me the space to rebalance, release and reconnect for a full body effect. I wanted to take my Pilates experience to the next level and become an instructor because I’ve felt the numerous benefits Pilates has to offer personally and wanted to learn more and teach others. 

In my classes I strive to assist and guide you to gain a greater awareness of your body, muscles and posture. I have a comprehensive certificate specializing in all apparatuses and a second certification in prenatal Pilates. My goal is for you, as a client, to walk out of my class feeling longer, leaner and stronger. I look forward to teaching you to help you become the strongest healthiest version of yourself. 



Fabricia Miterhof

Fabricia Miterhof is a contemporary choreographer, acrobatic and classic trained ballet dancer from Rio who came to the US to perform with the Ringling Brother’s Circus! Fabricia has been a Pilates Instructor for nineteen years and has been teaching dance for over two decades! She came to CP Burn to share her Pilates experience, knowledge and expertise with NYC! What makes her group classes special, besides her passion and positive energy, is that she makes everyone in a full class feel as if they have had a private session, offering a hard, pleasant and safe work out!

Specialties include Prenatal and Restorative Pilates and she teaches people of all ages and experience levels.



Dana Tenengauzer

Dana is a classical Pilates instructor dedicated to sharing her love and passion for Pilates and its results with her clients. Dana has always loved movement and dance and has been practicing Pilates for over 17 years. Dana received her Comprehensive Pilates Certificate through Core Pilates NYC in 2018. Continuing Education Workshops including pre and postnatal, anatomy and special cases. Dana provides a well balanced workout, you will improve your flexibility, ability to preform movements and your body strength.



Melissa Woyshner

Melissa Woyshner is a lover of movement and life. She believes something magical happens when you fuse breath with movement. The mind clears, the breath deepens and the soul dances. Melissa encourages her students to move mindfully both in and out of the studio. Her warm, approachable and positive attitude helps encourage her students to meet their goals.

Melissa has been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and teaching for 12. She was certified at Core Pilates in 2007 and is forever a student and believer of the method. Melissa has worked with all different populations ranging from 12 to 90 years old. Melissa is certified in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal care and has extensive work in rehabbing knees and helping to alleviate back pain. Melissa goal is for her students to feel strong, empowered and connected to their bodies she wants you to enjoy the movement. 



Diane-Nicole Torsell

Diane became a disciple of Pilates when she discovered that she could touch her toes for the first time in a decade and realized her chronic back pain had almost all disappeared as a result. Diane holds a Comprehensive Pilates Certification and is trained classically in the lineage of Romana. She’s taught instructor training workshops on teaching the Reformer, utilizing small & large props, and Pilates career preparation. Diane is a certified Personal Trainer and USATF Level I Track & Field Coach. She specializes in strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, and Pilates for Runners & Athletes. Her favorite aspects of teaching is getting to watch clients transform positively in terms of both their strength and confidence levels.



Ksenia Resnikoff

Ksenia grew up in Russia moving to the Unites States in her early twenties. Ksenia has discovered Pilates as a student at Hunter College in 2010 while studying for her Bachelors degree in Anthropology and decided to pursue it professionally later in her career. Leveraging her background in dance and gymnastics Ksenia received her certification from Equinox Pilates Comprehensive Program in New York City. After graduating the program Ksenia joined Equinox as a Pilates instructor and have been working with clients of different ages and skill levels on correcting imbalances caused by the lack of strength, flexibility, postural habits or injury. Ksenia believes Pilates to be a medium for her clients to live healthy and active lives.  



Taylor Barry

Taylor is one of our Studio Managers at CP Burn. If you have any questions about the Studio or Pilates in general, Taylor is more than happy to help!



Ashley Rose

Ashley is a Studio Manager at CP Burn. Like everyone else at CP Burn, she’s there for you if you have any questions or concerns.



Ryan Bailey

Ryan is another amazing Studio Manager at CP Burn. Feel free to reach out to him with any of your Pilates needs.